Servicing | Maintenance

The Bilby Group offers periodic servicing and maintenance of kitchen exhaust filtration equipment to ensure that performance and warranty requirements are continuously met. Regular servicing of your equipment is important to ensure any particle matter (grease) accumulated by the filtration system is removed and cleaned, keeping your system running at its most efficient. Grease build up in filtration units is the number one cause of equipment failure and smoky exhaust discharge.

Servicing and maintenance services include:

  • Removal, clean, and replacement of honeycomb filters from commercial kitchen exhaust hoods
  • Removal, clean, and replacement of electrostatic cells from in-hood and in-duct systems
  • Periodic inspections of ozone generators
  • Replacement of carbon in carbon filtration units
  • Fault finding and repairing of commercial kitchen exhaust hoods, electrostatic precipitators, carbon units and ozone generators.

Benefits of regular contracted servicing with Bilby Group:

  • Trained service technicians, experienced in servicing kitchen exhaust equipment meaning all filters and equipment are replaced in the correct manner leaving the systems running correctly
  • Warranty validity. Servicing with Bilby ensures your warranty is valid. Servicing by an inexperienced company may void your warranty, potentially leaving you with costly repairs
  • Access to the Bilby bank of spare electrostatic cells and honeycomb filters, this means there is no need to purchase additional clean cells to replace the dirty cells once they have been removed.
  • No need to deal with dirty cells, all cleaning of cells and filters is included in the servicing price and completed offsite
  • Free of charge call outs in between services if a fault is found