At the Bilby Group, we want to ensure your tenancy operates smoothly and seamlessly.
We provide Commercial kitchen exhaust reviews including advice on duct cleaning maintenance and exhaust fan troubleshooting.We can also review your Indoor air quality and suggest equipment and servicing, with advice & product selection to improve the indoor air of your tenancy for the benefit of your staff and customers.

Indoor Air Quality Assessment
Get your premises tested to ensure a safe environment for your staff and customers. Improve your indoor air by reducing the catalyst, putting in place sufficient ventilation and installing suitable indoor air cleaners:

Artificial Intelligence Portable Air Purifier

Covering a room of 100 sqm, captures microbes, dust particulates, pollen odour & chemical contaminants using advanced air filtration technologies

Ceiling Mounted Air Cleaners
Extremely effective in removing dust particulates, fumes, smoke, odour, viruses, bacteria, pollen & other airborne contaminants.
Easy to install & come in a range of sizes depending on the size of the room.

AS-35 AirSanitiser
Extremely efficient in removing Odour, VOCs & viruses/bacteria with up to 96% of kitchen odours removed. Low maintenance & cost efficient, used in small areas.