We currently provide the following services:
  1.       Maintenance of any type of commercial kitchen filtration equipment from any brand; including filters, electrostatic filters, UV treatment, ozone generators and carbon filters
  2.       Maintenance and repair of commercial kitchen equipment; combi ovens, dishwashers, fryers, ovens & stoves- all gas and electrical equipment
  3.       Periodic maintenance and repair of electrical systems; general tenancy electrical issues, periodic testing and tagging of equipment, lighting issues- by our team of licensed electricians
  4.       Commercial kitchen exhaust reviews including advice on duct cleaning maintenance and exhaust fan troubleshooting
  5.       Indoor air quality monitoring and equipment servicing with advice & product selection to improve the indoor air of your tenancy for the benefit of your staff and customers
  6.       Providing Contactless Ordering Solutions in the form of cloud based Hungry Bilby to optimise your restaurant’s functionality, generate new business opportunities and streamline your customer’s experience.