Commercial Kitchen Filtration Maintenance

A commercial kitchen filtration system is designed to capture air particles through a specialised filter, treating these emissions before releasing them back out.  A well-functioning air filtration system removes dangerous particles from the air, including cooking fumes and smoke. However poor servicing can impact the efficiency of your filtration system, leaving you with a non-complying exhaust discharge, unwanted attention from local councils, poor air quality which can impact the health and productivity of your kitchen staff & subsequently a poor dining experience for your customers. The list goes on. This is where commercial kitchen filtration servicing and maintenance can help.

The Bilby Group has been specialising in commercial kitchen exhaust systems, including filtration exhaust systems for almost a decade, helping hospitality groups, franchises, restaurants, cafes, pubs and hotels to maintain clean and safe air. We can provide commercial kitchen filtration servicing for any type of system – we service all brands and filter types including electrostatic filters, UV treatment, ozone generators and carbon filters.

We know that as a hospitality business you just want to focus on delivering great food and service to your customers, without having to worry about the boring stuff like servicing and maintenance.  We offer our clients complete peace of mind from knowing that we will take care of all routine maintenance of exhaust systems, making sure they are running optimally to prevent issues before they occur.

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