Commercial Kitchen Exhaust & Filtration Maintenance

Commercial kitchen filtration system servicing 

A commercial kitchen filtration system is designed to capture air particles through a specialised filter, treating these emissions before releasing them back out.  A well-functioning air filtration system removes dangerous particles from the air, including cooking fumes and smoke. 

However poor servicing can impact the efficiency of your entire air filtration system, leaving you with a non-complying exhaust discharge, unwanted attention from local councils, poor air quality which can impact the health and productivity of your kitchen staff & subsequently poor dining experience for your customers. 

The list goes on. 

This is where our commercial kitchen filtration servicing and maintenance can help.

Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Repairs & Services in Sydney 

A commercial exhaust system is designed to extract prolonged heat, steam and grease emanating from non-stop cooking in the kitchen. In situations where it no longer works or is giving frequent performance issues, our qualified, trained and experienced team can visit the site for inspection and prompt repairs to restore normalcy in your kitchen. 

Our clients: Hotels, restaurants, clubs, cafes, community centres, hospitals, school, colleges and other public/private catering properties. 

Our services include: 

  • Commercial kitchen exhaust repairs and replacement  
  • Exhaust fan motor repairs and servicing 
  • Fan belt and hinge servicing
  • Commercial hood and duct cleaning
  • General cleaning and maintenance 
  • Emergency repairs 

Ignoring or delaying commercial kitchen exhaust repairs and maintenance can result in an unhygienic and hazardous situation for cooks and guests alike.

This is easily preventable. Act promptly on the first sign of trouble and seek professional help from the Bilby Group. 

If you suspect something odd with your commercial kitchen exhaust and filtration system, schedule the visit of one of our engineers for inspection, repairs and maintenance in Sydney. 

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We know that as a hospitality business you just want to focus on delivering great food and service to your customers, without having to worry about the boring stuff like servicing and maintenance. We offer our clients complete peace of mind from knowing that we will take care of all routine maintenance of exhaust fans and air filtration systems, making sure they are running optimally to prevent issues before they occur.

Partner with us and keep your commercial kitchen running in a safe and healthy environment.

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Frequently asked questions

We recommend regular service every 3-4 months for commercial kitchen fans and air filtration systems.  Read the product manual for cleaning and maintenance schedule. 

Use a scrub pad or cotton cloth and soak it in a tub of soap water to clean the fan and accessible parts of the air filtration system. There are some specialised cleaning solutions available but talk to a professional service provider for reliable recommendations.

  • A rattling noise coming from the fan
  • A strange noise when the motor starts 
  • Excess moisture buildup 
  • Foul odour 
  • Damaged filter 
  • Erratic functioning

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