About Us

The Bilby Group is a nationwide hospitality based facilities management company. Providing technical and engineering solutions to the hospitality industry- from the smallest cafe to the largest venues- our teams experience covers them all.

We currently provide the following services:

1.       Maintenance of any type of commercial kitchen filtration equipment from any brand; including filters, electrostatic filters, UV treatment, ozone generators and carbon filters

2.       Commercial kitchen exhaust reviews including advice on duct cleaning maintenance and exhaust fan troubleshooting

3.       Commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning including exhaust hoods and duct work. And also HVAC Duct Cleaning & HVAC Systems Cleaning ensuring your system is operating at its highest efficiencies.

4.       Indoor air quality monitoring and equipment servicing with advice & product selection to improve the indoor air of your tenancy for the benefit of your staff and customers

5.       Servicing of AC systems including cleaning and sanitising

The Bilby Group has service teams in major cities across Australia, so do not hesitate to contact us regarding your servicing needs.